Challenge yourself to go without alcohol
for a month and feel the difference.


Looking for a little motivation to cut back on alcohol?

There are so many benefits both physical and psychological! In the short term you may experience improved sleep, energy and weight loss, plus healthier skin due to better hydration. Over the long term the benefits just keep on coming, including positive effects on blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, liver cirrhosis, stroke, sexual dysfunction and more. As if that isn't enough, there's the powerful sense of accomplishment you'll feel for achieving a set goal.

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MADD Canada works to stop impaired driving and to support victims of this violent crime. Thousands of individuals, corporations, foundations and groups across Canada have joined this effort. Discover all the ways that you can support MADD Canada.

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Born in Ireland, but proudly brewed locally in Canada, with over 99% local ingredients, So.Beer is a crisp refreshing non-alcoholic lager that has all the taste and none of the guilt. From the start, So.Beer is made as a non-alcoholic beverage, at only 0.3% ABV & retains all the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Plus, the addition of 250mg of Beta Glucan, improves general immune health and combats the effects of stress, as proven in 50 clinical studies. So.Beer is proud to support The Dry January Canada Challenge.

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